HSC Assignment 2021 7th Week Answer

HSC Assignment 2021 7th Week Answer

HSC Assignment 2021 Answer for HSC Exam 2021: Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the HSC Assignment 2021 Answer in PDF file on dshe.gov.bd website.

DSHE just published the 7th Week Assignment Question, Assigned Task for the 7th Week for science, business studies and humanities group on 7th September 2021

They just published the assignment question, assigned task of 1st and 2nd Paper for only elective group subjects for HSC Candidates 2021 on the website.

According to the notice, All Students of Inter 1st Year must need to write the assignment answer to get marks for the HSC Exam 2021. Fail to do so, They will not be able to participate in the HSC Exam.

To Help the Students, We have completed the preparation for 3rd Week Assignment Answer. Now, Students can view the HSC assignment answer for 3rd week from below.

DSHE Assignment 2021 is published for All Education Board- Dhaka, Cumilla, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barishal, Dinajpur, Jessore, Chittagong Board private and government higher secondary level college or educational institutions.

Students from all education board can download the pdf file of the assignment which was published by dshe, write the assignment solutions and can submit it to the respective colleges or educational institutions.

Though all other class assignment work has postponed, The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is publish the SSC Exam 2021 Assignment due to the reason of completing the syllabus in time for SSC Batch 2021.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, All the educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed from the date of 18th July 2020 normal education class activities. Therefore, the students admitted in class XI could not participate in the normal class activities as per the scheduled program, And the Institutions did not evaluate them.

The Ministry of Education has taken various initiatives as an alternative. As part of this, the National Curriculum (NCTB) and Textbook Board have restructured the curriculum and textbooks for the 2020 HSC examination.

As per the Ministry of Education guidelines, subject-based assessment and instruction for assignments have been provided for the enjoyment of students’ involvement in learning activities based on the restructured curriculum.

The students will determine their past and learning outcomes through assignments and assignments. Assignment Work has been prepared to keep the weekly based student assessment as per the re-arranged syllabus.

DSHE will upload the Assignments on the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education website before the start of the week. At the end of the week, students will complete their assignment by submitting it to the educational institution.

It is important to ensure that each educational institution conducts its activities in compliance with the social norms and hygiene rules. In addition, they need to ensure that the Assignment standards must ensure the accuracy and reliability of the student’s assessment through assigned work.Though the Government has suspended the assignment work for HSC Batch 2022, But the Assignment Work for HSC Batch 2021 will continue.

According to the DSHE director, HSC Examine 2021 Batch has little time for the assignment work. So, We will continue with the Weekly Assignment for HSC Candidates 2021. DSHE is published the HSC Exam 2021 Assignment Today (26th July, 2021).

Students now have to collect the assignment question, write the assignment answer and submit it to the colleges as an evaluation process for HSC Exam 2021. Students will submit the collect and write the assignment and submit it to the colleges within the timeframe.

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About HSC Assignment 2021: 

HSC Assignment 2021 is for the students who have complete the examination form for SSC Exam 2021. So, Why it is important. The Main Purpose of the Assignment is that DSHE wants to complete the short syllabus through the assignment work.

As for the latest news, The ministry of education stated that The Education Board would prepare the HSC Exam Result 2021 based on the JSC result, SSC Result, MCQ Exam, and Assignment Result.

Yes, Assignment Assignment has now carried marks for Final Examination of Higher Secondary Level in Bangladesh.As for that, They are preparing a set of assignments for HSC Exam 2021. Soon they will publish the HSC 2021 Assignment on dshe.gov.bd.

Particular : Information
Education Level : Higher Secondary Certificate
Exam Year : 2021
Assignment Publish Date : 7th September 2021
Current Weeks : 7th Week
Next Week Assignment Publish Date : 14th September 2021

HSC Assignment Grid/Routine for HSC Exam 2021 PDF

This is the HSC Assignment routine/grid for the 15 Weeks Assignment. Lets check the below image for assignment routine. According to the assignment grid, DSHE is divied the subjects in three group for the 15 weeks assignment.

1st Group Subject 2nd Group Subject 3rd Group Subjects
Physics, History/Islamic History and Culture/Business Organization and Management, Islamic Studies/Children Development, Light Music Biology/Higher Mathematics, Social Science, Social Work, Geography, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Production Management and Marketing, Arabic, Home Management and Family Life Chemistry, Economics, Civics, Logic, Accounting, Food Nutrition, Classical Music

As, According to the assignment grid, the 1st Week HSC Assignment 2021 will be from 1st and 3rd Group. A Students need to submit total of 30 assignment for their group subjects.

HSC Assignment 2021 Routine

HSC Assignment 2021 Answer for HSC Exam

DSHE is published the HSC Assignment 2021 for HSC Candidates 2021 on 26th July 2021 at dshe.gov.bd. In addition, students can download the Assignment Question Paper of all group subjects offered by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

By the decision of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board has prepared a 15-week assignment for the HSC candidates of 2021, which will be published from 26th July 2021.

Honorable Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Dipu Moni confirmed this information at the online press conference of the Ministry of Education regarding the HSC Assignment 2021.

Arrangements will be made to regularly publish departmental and subject-wise assignments of HSC candidates for 2021 every week. From here, educational institutions and students will get separate assignments by department/subjects to be possible for them to complete the assignments very easily.

NCTB member Professor Mashiuzzaman has led the preparation of assignments for the examinees. He told the reporters that there is one Paper for each subject in SSC But two in HSC.

On the other hand, there is more diversity in HSC than in SSC. The number of students in science, humanities, business studies, music, and other subjects stands at 27 as there are more preferred subjects.

Each subject has two Paper. For the time being, a three-week assignment has been prepared on these topics. It will be sent to Mausi on Sunday for publishing the assignment work on dshe.gov.bd.

They will upload only one pdf file for all subjects. But not worry, we will be publishing group or department-wise subjects assignments for HSC Exam 2021.

Students will find the Assignment Question on the website or from here. The assignment papers are available in pdf format; therefore it is easy to download and access.

DSHE just give Assignment for the Students of HSC Exam 2021 from science group in Physics 1st and 2nd Paper, Higher Mathematics 1st and 2nd Paper, Biology 1st and 2nd Paper and Chemistry 1st and 2nd Paper Subjects. As for Business Studies Group They have given Accounting 1st and 2nd Paper, Production Management and Marketing 1st and 2nd Paper, Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st and 2nd Paper, Business Organization and management 1st and 2nd Paper subjects and Humanities group subjects are History 1st and 2nd Paper, Islamic Studies 1st and 2nd Paper, Social Science 1st and 2nd Paper, Social Work 1st and 2nd Paper, Economics 1st and 2nd Paper, Civics and Good Governance 1st and 2nd Paper, Logic 1st and 2nd Paper, Islamic History and Culture 1st and 2nd Paper and Geography 1st and 2nd Paper.

We have also provided the Assignment Question Paper for HSC Exam 2021 Session. So, in this article, we have provided complete details regarding the HSC Assignment Work and Solutions for each subject.

How to Download the HSC Assignment Answer 2021

DSHE is prepared a Series of 30 Assignments for Science, Business Studies, Humanities Group elective subjects for 15 Weeks. According to the notice, They will publish Two Assignment for Each Week per subject. They just published the assignment for 1st and 2nd Week.

DSHE will be assigned The Science Group Assignment Subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Higher Mathematics. The Humanities Group Subjects are Islamic History and Culture, Civics and Good Governance/Economics, Social Work/ Geography for the Humanities group. As for the business studies group, the subjects are Business organization and management, Accounting, Finance, banking, and insurance for the assignment work.

Candidates participating in the HSC exam 2021 will not be assigned the required subjects such as Bengali, English, Mathematics, Religion, Information and Communication Technology, the Ministry of Education sources said.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the assignment work, solutions, and answers in a PDF file. Therefore, It is easy to download the assignment.

Students can download The HSC Assignment 2021 in pdf file from the official website by following the guideline and instructions provided below:

  1. Visit- dshe.gov.bd
  2. Check the Link for View All Notices.
  3. Now, Download HSC Assignment for HSC Exam 2021 Notice.


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