How to Convert YouTube To Mp4 online free? [Updated 2021]
How to convert YouTube To Mp4 online

How to Convert YouTube To Mp4 online free? [Updated 2021]

Do you want to download your favorite YouTube videos but can’t find any way to convert YouTube To Mp4 online free from YouTube app or website?

Congratulations! In this tutorial, I am going to share with you many tips and ways for downloading unlimited YouTube videos without any hassle and. You can Not only download HD Mp4 but also mp3. Yes! You heard right.

How to convert YouTube to Mp4?

Okay, If you search for google by typing convert YouTube to mp4 online or YouTube to mp4 converter online or YouTube to mp4 downloader, you will find hundreds of websites to convert YouTube To Mp4 Videos or any other video format you like to download.

In this post I have provided top 10 YouTube Video Converter Websites Address. Also you can get support to convert YouTube To Mp4 online Videos from our site. Yaah! Just continue reading this blog.

Top 10 YouTube Video Converter Websites With links.


I have provided above the top 10 YouTube Video Downloader website names with URLs. You will be happy to hear that every website conversion and download method is the same. So now I want to discuss a single website to guide you on how to download YouTube videos.

We believe that Google always provides the best results in the first top 10 Queue. is the number 1 ranking website on Google as the best YouTube downloader. They provide flexible supports to download any type of YouTube video as a resolution. Ex: 144p (.3gp), 240p (.mp4), 360p (.mp4), 480p (.mp4), 720p (.mp4) Medium HD Quality, 1080p (.mp4) Full HD Quality.

Also, there are many more reasons why the website is the best.

  • Fast and easy to use for downloading YouTube videos
  • No limitation to download videos
  • 100% Safe and Clean (No doubt to hack device info)
  • They Support all device platforms
  • All video formats supported (convert YouTube videos to MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM and MO formats etc.)
  • Cloud support ( Upload and Download to Drop Box and Google Drive.)

How to Download YouTube Videos?

It’s very easy to Download YouTube Videos as like eating chicken fish and burger. 🙂 So Don’t be late. Follow the given guides step by step. For your easy understanding, I have added screenshots of each step as practical example.

  1. Go to
  2. Play/ open your downloadable video
  3. Copy the video URL/ link
  4. Go to any YouTube video downloader/ converter website
  5. Find the Converting search box
  6. Paste the YouTube URL into the search box, then click “Start or Convert” button
  7. Choose the video qualities and
  8. Then finally click to the “Download” button.

For the 1,2,3 instructions screenshot below,

For the above 1,2,3 instructions screenshot

After completing 1,2,3 steps, follow 4,5,6 number instructions are of the screenshot below,

4,5,6 number instructions screenshot

After completing 1,2,3,4,5,6 number instructions, We are now in the final steps.

So Pay attention to the last screenshot below of 7 and 8 number instructions. 🙂

7 and 8 number instructions

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

I know, you have already another question regarding YouTube to Mp3 Converter. Here I also want to share YouTube to mp3 converting website addresses for you. Although few YouTube to Mp4 websites provide YouTube to Mp3 Converting support.

Best 7 Online YouTube to Mp3 converter websites


The conversion process is almost same as like the converting YouTube To Mp4 Videos. For your easy understanding, below I have given new instructions by screenshots .

At first Go to, open or play your liked videos, then copy video URL as like the below screenshot. (that already showed above).

YouTube video URL copying instructions screenshot

YouTube video URL copying instructions screenshot

Then Go to Above Any website, Look at the search box, once find the search box Past the copied YouTube video URL in the search box, finally hit the “Start button” at the right side. Remember, Sometimes it will work automatically without click on the “Start button”.

YouTube to mp3 conversion process- 1
YouTube to mp3 conversion process- 1

There are many mp3 quality formats. Such as; 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps. The more kbps the greater the quality of the sound. That’s why, 320 kbps is ideal for most general listeners. So Make sure your .mp3 sound quality will sound better.

After processing, You have to check the Audio/ mp3 quality and Then click on the “Convert” Button. A Few seconds later you will see “Download” Button instead of “Convert” Button. Now your YouTube video is ready into mp3 and the converted mp3 is waiting for Downloading. So Once you click the Download button, mp3 audio will be downloading instantly.

 YouTube to mp3 conversion process- 2
YouTube to mp3 conversion process- 2

If you still facing any problem with Downloading YouTube videos, watch the video to catch knowledge more.

Thank you for reading w bangla blogs.

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